PIE Bakery and Café – 2009 PRISM Award Best Commercial Project

prismlogo_09_1_commDistinctive, Comfortable, Delicious

How often do we get a building project that looks and smells great? At the PIE Bakery and Café the builders art transforms a concept into reality in the form of a 24-seat café with a welcoming, sophisicated setting that is open from morning to evening. A deep narrow retail space was converted to a fully-functioning baker and café, including a ‘show kitchen’ that enables the customers to see the action of the chefs at work. A series of carefully proportioned fabric canopies invoke the tents of a summer’s fair, while the 10-foot graphic lemon meringue pie on the main wall is appetizing on several levels. A popular spot from its opening, the space compliments the business perfectly. After all, who could resist a slice of PIE?


Distinctive, Comfortable, Delicious

2009 PRISM Award Best Commercial Project


PIE Bakery and Café, Newton